Friends of Local High Society

We support local small businesses who we believe in the quality of their products and the people behind those products. 


The Bloomfield Co.

When it comes to high-end cannabis, Bloomfield offers the best in its class. Bloomfield specializes in organic, sun-grown and indoor flowers, and supercritical CO2 extractions. We cater to the cannaseur, offering superior flower and oil presented in our one of a kind vape kits.

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Elevate Jane

A contemporary smoke shop. 

We bring together a community of thinkers and makers who push the limits of functional design, creating tools and trinkets that bring delight into our lives. You'll find the things you seek and discover necessities you didn't know existed.

Sophisticated and subtle, we are all Jane.

Our shop is filled with items made by artists and designers, and we all aim to elevate the smoking experience. Just about everything we carry is produced here in the USA, and we love to support local makers.

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High End Desserts

Girls who like girls who like to bake ;)

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Herbivora was created with the intention to enhance health by relieving pain and suffering, awaken well-being by utilizing herbal remedies and cultivate self care that encourages the wisdom of daily practice of nourishing habits. 

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Queen Canna

Focusing on Women's Wellness, we create all natural, THC Lube, THC Suppositories, and beauty products.

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Gypsy Magic CBD

All natural CBD and aromatherapy infused bath products and topicals. Healing folks one bath bomb at a time. Hi I'm Janessa! Every product that leaves my workshop is made by me - and it's made with lots of love and integrity. I do not believe in using products made with petroleum, chemicals, or preservatives. I use all natural ingredients that are plant and earth derived. Everything I make is made with therapeutic grade essential oils - not synthetic fragrance oils - so you'll be reaping all the benefits of the aromatherapy infused in each one of my products.

Silk & Jade

Offers curated collections of silk, jewels, and tea.  Established in July of 2016 in downtown Glendale, California, local owners Nina & Joe created the trinity concept shop around silk, jade, and tea, traveling the world to source, inspire, devote, and educate their customers.


Santa Monica Healing

April Pfender. Reiki master intuitive healer + teacher, yogi, MEDITATION instructor & moonbabe.

April is an advocate of being true to your Highest Self , following your daydream, and expression of artistic vision whenever possible. She believes that Teaching, Reiki , Yoga, & Meditation connect us more profoundly to ourselves & to one another, enabling our community to become stronger & equipping us to bring more peace and love into the world.  She knows that anyone can self-heal if they invest the time of introspection within themselves.  She has lived this journey, many times, and so have you.

PRISM Farm’s

California based, not-for-profit collective specializing in the production of innovative cannabis products. We are passionate about cannabis. Sharing it’s ability to heal, inspire and connect is the driving force behind our CBD and THC cannabis blends. 
From non-psychoactive, restorative blends to those looking for a more traditional THC experience with the added health and wellness benefits of CBD, PRISM blends are crafted to enhance every spectrum of life.


Humble Flower Co

Humble Flower Co. is a family-owned company based in the heart of the cannabis industry in Humboldt County, California. We pride ourselves on using all-natural and ethically sourced ingredients, and recyclable packaging. We are committed to creating natural and powerful cannabis topicals.